Enzo Zak Lux works as a multidisciplinary architectural designer based in Berlin and Helsinki.

In his work, he explores the interaction of colour and architectural space.
His practice Studio Enzo Zak Lux creates spatial and communicative designs for exhibition spaces as well as commercial and private environments.

Enzo Zak Lux studied product design at Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Berlin Weißensee School of Art in the field of interaction design.
He is currently undertaking an Interior Architecture Master's degree at Aalto University, Helsinki.
Since 2022, Enzo Zak Lux is a scholarship holder of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in the field of design.

Besides private clients, Enzo Zak Lux has worked for the following institutions and brands: Loehr with form Design Magazine supported by Wästberg, carlier | gebauer berlin, Kunsthalle Bielefeld, Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz

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mail: hi@enzozaklux.xyz
instagram: @enzozaklux.xyz

«The Archive of Thoughts» joint initiative from Berlin-based design brand Loehr and German form Magazine


Critical discourse, talking openly with each other, the exchange of thoughts: all this is necessary in order to interact empathetically with other people and to shape our world. Whether through design, architecture or art, culture contributes decisively to these processes.

The “Archive of Thoughts” is a joint initiative from the Berlin-based design brand Loehr and German form magazine for the Milan Design Week 2023, supported exclusively with lighting by the Swedish brand Wästberg.

Hosted at DOPO?, a former workshop converted into a collaborative creative space in the south-eastern district of Corvetto, the “Archive of Thoughts” establishes a link to the progressive Milanese design and architecture scene.

The scenography of the exhibition, conceptualized by Berlin-based spatial designer Enzo Zak Lux, revolves around structure, perspectives, construction and deconstruction, while incorporating Loehr and Wästberg products naturally into the environment. The new shelving system “Stack”, designed by Dirk Winkel for Loehr, serves as the exhibition’s central structure, providing the stage for the launch of the “international issue 01” of form magazine. This first special edition of the traditional German design magazine is completely in English and contains 35 contributions by different authors on the current state of design. Presented to be read, with products to be used and felt, this exhibition is a place to make ideas a conversation starter.

To explore the topics in more depth, form magazine also hosted a talk themed “The Beauty of Publishing” with guests Barbara Glasner, Matteo Guarnaccia and Vera Sacchetti, supported by the scientific and artistic initiative Driving the Human.

The Archive of Thoughts – Project Information

All photos are under the copyright of and photographed by Louis de Belle.